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Welcome to Royal Beach Hotel

Royal Beach Hotel is one of the top beachfront hotels in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka that awaits to welcome you to an unforgettable holiday stay in Arugam Bay. Offering you a unique rural ambience fused with world-class luxury, the hotel is an oasis of peace, for anyone who seeks a hideout to enjoy time in tranquillity. Combining the world-famous Sri Lankan hospitality, modern amenities and superior customer service, at Royal Beach Hotel, we assure you an Arugam Bay beach hotel stay that surpasses your expectations.

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Perfect For Relaxing

The soothing ambience rich in rural touch makes the property one of the best Arugam Bay beach hotels for a relaxing holiday escape.

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Eco Luxury Rooms

The unique Thal leaves roofed elegant Cabanas featuring modern luxury, open door for a luxurious beach holiday amidst the pristine Arugam Bay.


Best for dining

A selection of finest dishes of local cuisine and international cuisines, made from fresh organic local produce in the hands of culinary experts.

Royal Beach Hotel

Arugam Bay Eco-Luxury Hotel

Welcome to Arugam Bay, a world-famous surfing location among Sri Lanka’s beautiful east-coast beaches. Within this idyllic destination lies Royal Beach Hotel, a typical surfer’s paradise of palm trees, sandy beaches and perfect waves.